Secret Direct To Owner Property Sourcing Strategy

How To Find Property Unicorns 

When it comes to finding property unicorns (BMV Deals) people often ask what’s the most powerful and effective way to contact homeowners that are struggling to sell their house. 

The easiest way to get started is with leaflets. This is also the easiest sourcing technique to measure the response from, which is one of the reasons why investors rave about it.

This is a tried and trusted method of getting the phone to ring and with some templates to follow it’s really simple to knock something together and start stuffing your message through the doors of the houses that you would like to buy. 

Leafleting must be part of your direct to owner sourcing strategy and it shouldn’t be your entire plan. At least not if you want to source multiple properties, every month.

The most dangerous number is business is ONE which is why I’d like to share with you the power of posters for pulling in deals.

The most obvious questions about posters are

  1. What should you write on them?

  2. Where should you put them?

These are good questions and if we are trying to find people that are unable to pay their mortgage we need to think about the possible causes. Here are the 2 most common reasons:

  1. They have lost their job

  2. They spend more than what they earn

How To Find Job Seekers Using Posters

Let’s face it, most people now search for jobs online. However Job Centers still exist because you can ask for help with writing your CV and cover letter as well as asking if there is anything on their books that match your skill set and interests.

In a state funded service like this you are going to have people sat in waiting rooms. This captive audience is perfect for your message because they are not in a hurry, so they are much more likely to read it. You also know why they are there so you can personalize the words on the poster to dramatically increase the number of calls you receive.

Just like with leaflets a high performing poster has the following elements

  1. A headline that grabs your readers attention

  2. A series of bullet points that show that you understand the problem that they have

  3. Your solution to their problem

  4. A clear and simple call to action

Your headline can be as simple as asking a question.

Need to sell your house fast?

The understanding bullet points, need to be focused around the fact that they are struggling to pay their mortgage because they have lost their job. This can be as simple as:

  • Are you struggling to pay your bills because you’ve lost your job?

  • Are you behind on your mortgage payments?

  • Are you worried about repossession?

You then need to show the reader how you can help them. This could be something like:

  • Fast cash purchase in just 14 days

  • We will pay your legal fees so you have no moving costs

In just 2 bullet points you have clearly shown the reader how you can help them. If they are several months behind with their mortgage payments then finding a buyer that can complete quickly is going to be a huge benefit to them.

Similarly by paying their legal fees you are removing an unwanted cost for them, and you are giving first which makes them more likely to trust you.

The last thing your poster needs to do is tell them what to do next if they would like to get in touch with you. Conversational language is best as it is non threatening. Something along the lines of:

If you’re thinking of selling please call Sarah on: 07234 456789

To put this together you don’t need to pay a graphic designer or buy any special software. With Microsoft Word, a colour printer and 30 minutes you will have some posters printed and ready to use.

Here’s what your poster should look like.

Blog 2 Pic 1

How To Find Shopaholics With Posters

Where do you think people with debt problems go for advice? 

You’ve guessed it. Citizens Advice Bureau. 

This free service, that’s run by volunteers, is a valuable resource for people suffering through problems as diverse as debt or employment conflicts.

As it’s run by volunteers they are only open for a short time each day. This means there is always a number of people in the waiting room.

You want your poster on the notice board in the waiting room because it will be read and acted on. This is a receptive audience that’s not in a hurry, something that’s harder to find than BMV deals!

You are likely to be able to put your poster here for free or a very low cost because you are offering a valuable service to the people that need it most. 

Again you need to tailor the words on the poster to speak directly to people that are in debt.

The only element of the poster that you’ll need to change from above is the Understanding Bullets. You could change them to:

Are you

  • In debt?

  • Struggling to pay your bills?

  • Worried about being reposed? Repossessed

You might be thinking that this copy looks virtually identical to what’s written above. And you’re right.

Small tweaks like this will make a huge difference to the response that you get from your poster because you are speaking directly to a specific reader.

Words such as In debt will grab attention and compel your audience to read the rest of the poster.

Here’s what the new poster will look like:

Blog 2 Pic 2

So where else are you able to put your posters?

  1. Doctors surgeries

  2. Post Offices

  3. Supermarkets

  4. Libraries

These are all places with notice boards that attract huge numbers of people. They are also places where you can put your posters for free or for a very low price. 

In the last 4 places that I mentioned you will not have such a highly targeted audience so you will need Understanding Bullets that will pull in people with different problems. Here’s how you could do this:

Blog 2 Pic 3

So now you’ve seen how you can use the power of posters to find property unicorns (BMV deals) I hope you use this simple direct to owner strategy to improve the quality of your life. 

To your success

Arsh Ellahi