How Deal Trading Made A Burned Out Photographer Financially Free… In Just 5 Months

How Deal Trading Made A Burned Out Photographer Financially Free… In Just 5 Months

It was only after seeing a third doctor that Vicky Hughes finally accepted, what she had known for some time. 

The life that she knew was over. The business that she had built over the last 5 years was gone… and it was time to do something else.

Vicky had fallen victim to her own success.

Her wedding and portrait studio was so successful that she worked herself to the bone. During the week she took portraits all day. In the early evenings she arranged bookings and then did the editing and printing late into the night.

At the weekend Vicky was shooting weddings and struggled to find the time to select and edit the pictures and then make the wedding album for the happy couple.

Vicky never missed a deadline or disappointed a client which is one of the reasons why she built such a successful studio so quickly. That and the fact that she is a very talented photographer.

There was just one problem…

This all came at the expense of her health.

I’m sure you’ll agree that if you’re working 12 to 16 hours a day 7 days a week, you’re going to burn out sooner or later. Vicky had done it for 5 years. So what was it that made her throw in the towel?

No it wasn’t a doctors sick note! It was the fact that she felt physically sick to look through the viewfinder of a camera or even at a computer screen.

So on a scorching hot August summers day in 2013 Vicky decided to listen to her body and close her photography business.

But what was she going to do next? How was Vicky going to make a living?

Vicky had always had an interest in property investing but didn’t have the time to pursue it. Suddenly she had the time and needed a new source of income.

A month later Vicky bought her first investment property below market value at auction. It was a single let property that started her property journey.

As you know, you don’t make any real cash flow from a Buy- To-Let and that was what Vicky needed most.

This led her to discover cash flow strategies such as HMO and Rent-To-Rent.

Fast forward to December 2015 and Vicky had been in property for almost two and a half years. She had certainly taken action and enjoyed some success but building a property empire is a slow process. Even with cash flow strategies like Rent-To-Rent you need a few of them before you can live on the profit. Plus to begin with Vicky was reinvesting the profit to grow her portfolio as quickly as possible.

To this point Vicky’s property journey could best be summarized as a series of false starts and slow progress.

Vicky’s life changed in February 2016 when she learned how to trade deals. A month later Vicky sold her first deal for a £5,000 fee.

“It was amazing to make that much cash flow from just one deal!

Finally I’d found a property strategy that would give me an income to live on. You don’t need to reinvest a lot of your profits because sourcing is virtually free.”


Vicky sourced this 3 bed terrace with leaflets. She then agreed the purchase price with the owner and then sold the agreement on to an investor for a £5,000 fee. 

It was a good deal for the investor because they go a £20,000 discount on a property, it was a good deal for the homeowner because they could sell their house quickly and it was a good deal for Vicky.

Success motivated Vicky to use more deal sourcing strategies… and what was the result? Much more deals.

In just 5 months Vicky has made £35,000 in sourcing fees. That’s an average monthly income of £7,000. And amazingly Vicky has not had to work full time to achieve this.

“My highest income month was £10,000 and it’s only dropped below that because I’ve been busy converting the photography studio into a luxury spa and nail bar.

Trading deals has given me what I always wanted, a fantastic income and the time to be with my family and the time to pursue other business interests.

Time was something I never had as a photographer.”

So what’s next for Vicky Hughes?

She’s going to continue to grow her HMO portfolio as she is able to cherry pick the best deals.

Trading deals is always going to be part of what she does because it gives her such a good income.

Vicky will also continue to set up other businesses such as her luxury spa and nail bar.

Like all successful people Vicky is driven by a purpose that is bigger than herself.

“I want to be in business to inspire people”

It is my hope that sharing Vicky’s story with you will inspire you to take more action so that you too can experience the life changing power of deal trading.

Remember that just 3 years ago Vicky knew nothing about property. Exhaustion had forced her out of a business that she loved.

Vicky then started with a Buy-To-Let strategy that was never going to give her an income to live on. She then changed to cash flow strategies that take time to build a portfolio large enough to be able to live on the profit.

It was only after being in property for two and a half years that Vicky discovered deal trading and her life changed forever.

Vicky has been able to go from £0 to £35,000 in sourcing fees in just 5 months!

Your life can change in exactly the same way when you decide to take consistent action using a proven system. You’ve already got the proven system. The rest is up to you.

To your success

Arsh Ellahi