Boom, Bust & Back Again – A Property Investor’s Survival Guide

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Boom, Bust & Back Again – A Property Investor’s Survival Guide

Arsh Ellahi, as a child, lived with his family on the ground floor of their house whilst upstairs rooms were rented out to lodgers. He grew up knowing that renting out rooms made money.

Today Arsh and his brother, have a large number of tenants living in properties they and their family own, and they run a lettings agency that manages many more. All these tenants are on benefits – an area commonly thought to be time consuming and costly to manage: but they have worked out how to put the right tenants in the right property, and have employed profitable systems from day one.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing: they made and lost a fortune along the way – but by learning from their mistakes they have created the successful business they own today – a business model anyone can follow.

Read the compelling story of how one Thursday afternoon changed everything for the property duo and how they made it, lost it and recovered it all.

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