How Deal Trading Let Me Double My J.O.B. Salary In Just 3 Months…

How Deal Trading Let Me Double My J.O.B. Salary In Just 3 Months…

The One Small Change To My Property Investment Strategy That Made My Property Cash Flow Jump From £600 To £5,000 Per Month… And How You Can Too!

Dear Motivated Property Investor

My name is John Thompson and just 6 months ago I was a frustrated buy to let investor that complained about the poor cash flow from my property portfolio and felt powerless to change it.

At the time of writing this letter, my cash flow is 12 times higher than what it was (£7,500 per month), I’ve quit my job, I’ve got more time to spend with my family, I’ve got no stress and I’ve got a new found enthusiasm that makes me feel like a teenager again.

So what made this possible? What is the one small change that I made to my property investment strategy?

And what forced me to make this change?

Well, believe it or not it’s all because of George Osborne!

Thank You George Osborne… For Forcing Me To Change!

When the changes to tax relief were announced, like most investors I felt shocked, indignant and afraid all at the same time.

What was I going to do? What were my options? What was the bigger plan?

These questions flashed through my mind and kept going round and round like a catchy song that you just can’t get out of your head.

After seeking some expert tax advice, I discovered that all I needed to do was to change the status of the business from a sole trader to a limited company. By taking advantage of incorporation relief I wouldn’t have to pay capital gains tax.

I would still need to pay stamp duty, so there would be a £12,000 fee just to stand still! Needless to say this didn’t improve my mood.

Before I started looking under the bed for George Osborne’s money, I stopped to ask myself: why I was investing in property… and why I wanted to continue as a buy to let investor?

The truth is, I was attracted to property because of the promise of a passive income. Yes, you can make money for virtually doing nothing, just not a lot.

As you know, with buy to let you don’t make much more than £200 a month cash flow per property and that’s if you don’t have any maintenance issues, voids or bad debt. If you take those into account then you might just be breaking even.

When the housing market rises you make money just by holding onto the property and more than the vanity of owning an asset with equity, you can remortgage to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

My property journey began 5 years ago and I’d bought one buy to let each year until I had 3 houses. So I certainly wasn’t breaking a sweat to make this happen and I felt like a success.

When the market began to rise I foolishly believed the hype, that it’s impossible to find BMV deals. And this belief coupled with my lack of drive led me to do nothing. Not the best plan for changing your financial future, right?

That All Changed When I Discovered The Secrets Of Deal Trading!

The bigger question of why I still wanted to be a property investor forced me to attend property networking events. If I’m honest with myself I just wanted to know how other investors were feeling about the tax changes and what they planned to do.

That’s where I first met Arsh Ellhai and discovered the secrets of deal trading and my life instantly changed forever!

His 90 minute talk made me believe that it is possible to find BMV deals, even in a rising market.

It made me realize that people (just like me) want to grow their buy to let portfolio, and believe it’s impossible to find BMV deals, so they will gladly pay for them.

It was obvious that selling deals would be easy and when I saw that you could do this on Facebook I know that this was the strategy for me.

What appealed to me the most was the fact that I could make double the best case, annual cash flow from a buy to let property by selling ONE deal. By best case I mean, managing the property yourself and having no voids, bad debt or maintenance issues.

And this income wasn’t dependent on nothing going wrong, as it is with buy to let. This was the price that investors were happy to pay.

In addition to that there is virtually no start up costs, £500 is more than enough to keep you going for 3 months.

This was my new vision. A strategy that would finally give my family a better quality of life.

What Happened Next Totally Blew My Mind!

Armed with some new deal sourcing strategies and a lot of motivation that I gained on Arsh’s 2-day course I took action in a measured and systematic way. By that I mean, I just followed Arsh’s system to the letter.

Each weekend for 2 months I did something to find homeowners that wanted to sell.

Unlike what I did before, I did something different each week… and I made sure that I did something.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t pulling 12 hour days on both Saturday and Sunday! I still had time with my family. I was still able to see my friends and I felt like a winner because I knew I was doing what was necessary to change my life.

After 8 weeks I was beginning to reach my patients threshold so I gave Arsh a call.

He reminded me that “As you sow, so shall you reap”

Arsh also reminded me that when you plant bamboo you don’t see anything for 2 years and then on the 3rd year it grows 2 meters because it has been developing a network of roots.

This was the motivation that I needed to keep pounding the pavement. And as it turned out, it was the 3rd leaflet drop that brought me my first deal.

The Thrill Of The Phone Ringing Immediately Turned To Terror!

It had taken me 3 months to make the phone ring and to set up a meeting with a homeowner and now I was terrified that I would drop the ball.

The first thing I did was to call Arsh!

He reminded me that property is a people business and that as long as I genuinely wanted to help the homeowner achieve their goals that I had nothing to worry about.

It was this piece of advice that took the fear out of the next step. You see, I did want to help the homeowner out of a difficult situation and I wanted to help myself in the process.

Before I knocked on the door I knew how I could help them and the maximum price I could offer.

Just as Arsh suggested I found out why the owner wanted to sell. In this case it was wanting to be closer to her daughter so that she could help with child care.

Once I helped her to see what she needed to move everything else was a bonus.

We agreed on £20,000 more than what she needed so that she could get there as quickly as possible.

I knew that the price we had agreed was £30,000 below market value so we were both happy.

2 Days Later The Deal Was Sold Through Facebook For A £5,000 Fee!

Right there with one deal I made the annual cash flow of my buy to let portfolio!

This was exciting and for the first time property made a real difference to my life. We celebrated by going to a Michelin star restaurant for the first time. We booked a luxury villa in Florence for a family holiday.

I couldn’t believe that one deal would make such a difference.

From that moment on, I was completely hooked.

Now, I would like to say that after my first deal I started working twice as hard. But that would be a lie. This was still a strictly weekends only adventure.

The purpose of this was to make our life a little easier and more enjoyable so I wasn’t about to rock the boat by working non stop.

What happened next I can only describe as the bamboo effect.

I expected it to take another 3 months to get a deal but the phone kept ringing.

After 5 months I was going to see 2 or 3 homeowners a week. Did I get every deal? No!

That was okay because all I ever wanted was to be able to sell one deal a month. That was happening and I could see that just like with bamboo I had built a network of roots that would give me a steady supply of deals.

More Time. More Money. No Stress!

6 months after I traded my first deal and I was already onto number 7!

It was at this point that I decided to quit my job. Surprisingly, this was a really simple decision. Every time I traded a deal I made double what I did in my job. The fact that I was able to find deals on a consistent basis gave me the confidence to let go of the safety net.

What difference has this made to my life?

I’ve now got the time I always wanted to spend with my family, more money than I’ve ever had before, no stress as I know exactly what I need to do and a new optimism about life that I haven’t felt since I left university.

It is this complete shift in the way that I feel and see the future that has made me such an evangelist of this strategy.

Who Needs This Secret?

  • Are you an employee who would like to be your own boss?

  • Are you a parent who would like to spend more time with your kids?

  • Do you want to choose your work hours so you never miss your kids plays, sports matches or concerts?

  • Are you just getting by with money and want financial abundance?

  • Do you want to silence the doubters that keep telling you to stay in your job?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you need to attend the next Deal Trading course. Here’s what it’s all about:

  • The simple 3 step process to trading deals: Source – Negotiate – Sell.

  • 14 different deal sourcing strategies… each one is guaranteed to get you at least one deal a year!

  • 12 step negotiation system that turns skeptical homeowners into eager sellers that want to sell to you.

  • 5 reasons the vendor will say NO – and how to avoid them.

  • How to package up your deal so it sells in less than 2 days.

  • The most tax efficient way to structure your deal trading business.

  • How to outsource all of the boring repetitive tasks at the lowest price so that you don’t create another job for yourself.

Here’s What It Will Do For You:

  • Make double the best-case annual buy to let cash flow from trading just one deal. By best-case I mean managing the property yourself with no voids, bad debt or maintenance problems.

  • Build a £5,000 per month property business starting with just £500 within 3 months working just at the weekend by trading just ONE deal a month.

  • Negotiation is not hard selling… it’s helping people to get what they want. Discover the simple process to creating a win – win – win with the homeowner – investor – and yourself!

  • If you think that tax is boring, unnecessary and something to think about once the money starts rolling in then, STOP! Winners start with the end in mind. Our tax expert will show you how to structure your business so that you keep as much of your hard earned as possible.

  • Deal trading is a system that you can start in your spare time to build a fortune. If you want to earn more money then all you need to do is expand the system. If you want to do this without taking up all of your time we’ll show you how…

  • The 5 most powerful sourcing strategies and the additional 9 that transform you from someone that finds 2 to 4 deals a year… into a sourcing machine that pulls in 12 or 24 or 36 or more deals a year!

  • Double the sourcing strategies you are using to triple your results.

  • How to make the phone ring… what to say when it does to avoid the “how much will you give me for my house” trap… and how to prepare for the viewing so you never waste an opportunity.

  • Make promises with confidence to motivated sellers about the speed with which you can buy their house. When you JV with Arsh you have access to a database of 50,000 plus investors who are desperate to grow their portfolio with your high cash flowing BMV deals. So you can easily sell deals in less than 2 days.

How Can A Simple Direct To Owner Sourcing System Do All This For You?

Easy… because our proven ads use the influence triggers of greed and laziness so homeowners see your advert or leaflet as a lifeline which they are desperate to grab hold of.

Why The System Works!

This is much more than a sourcing system!

You become a deal maker as you bring together 2 different types of people that would never normally be able to find each other. They both need each other’s help and without You, the middle man, they are powerless to get what they want.

This is why you become the critical piece of the puzzle and this is why you are so well paid for what you do.

The best part is that you are able to make a living from property without any of your money.

You don’t need a mortgage or any other form of finance because you are not buying houses so you can grow your business quickly. To be more precise you can grow it at the speed of your ambition.

My deal trading business started off slowly, trading just one deal a month, because I was still working full time. Now that I’ve been able to quit my job I’ve got a lot more time to focus on this business, and it’s still less than half the hours of a full time job.

What difference has this extra focus made? I’m now trading 2 deals a month. That’s £10,000 a month! From helping people solve their problems.

I don’t know about you but that’s more money than I ever dreamed about making.

Can Someone With No Previous Experience Succeed As A Deal Trader?

You bet they can!

Here are some success stories from other people who decided to make a better life for themselves by using these Deal Trading secrets.

“Sold my first deal for a £5,000 fee! Amazing! The best part is that the phone keeps ringing.”

Nigel Campbell

“Sourced a deal after a second leaflet drop. Sold it in less than a day to Arsh’s database. It’s great to have this to fall back on, especially when you’re just starting out.”

Tom Sidestreet

“Found a deal in less than a month using your ‘letter sequence’ to sellers in my area. Sold the deal for £4,000 the very next day to Arsh’s database. This works, fast!”

Janet Somerton

“Since taking the course 6 months ago, I’ve now traded 3 deals and made £17,000! Haven’t started using all the sourcing strategies yet as I don’t need to. Thank you for changing my life.”

Naveen Patel

Are these investors any different to you?

No they are not! They just decided to put their doubts aside for long enough to give this a try.

So how much does the course cost?

You Can Save Yourself £1,000 If You Act Now!

The price that I paid for the course (and made my money back many times over) was £1,997 +VAT.

For a 2 day course that gives you the proven systems to start a business, that is a complete bargain. Where else can you get your hands on such practical information at this price.

If you go to university, at the cost of £9,000 a year. After 3 long years you have the academic understanding and virtually no actionable skills. So when you get a job, you start at the bottom. Unless you get a job as a stock broker (where most of your money is commission) you’ll be lucky if you make more than £20,000 a year.

With this course after just 2 days you’ll possess the skills that you need to build a £60,000 a year business, working part time!

Given the choice between the two, I know which option I would take.

If you act now you’ll be able to learn these Deal Trading secrets for just £997 +VAT.

But you’ve got to be quick as there is a maximum of 30 people on the course. Numbers are limited so that every attendee is able to have all their questions answered.

We want every student to be able to use these secrets the very next day to start their own deal trading business and we can’t guarantee that this will happen with a larger group.

Yes, I Want To Book My Seat On The Next Deal Trading  Course

You Risk Nothing – 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you buy the course today you risk nothing because you are covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Here’s how it works: 

Attend the course and if at the end of the first day you are not completely confident that you can source BMV properties, negotiate with the vendor and sell the deal to an investor and start making money immediately then please come and see me and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings. No problem at all.

How can I afford to be so generous?  

Easy – so far, every single person that I know of that has experienced the thrill of making money from property without owning a house has gone on to completely changed their life. If a complete newbie like me can use these secrets to create a £60,000 a year deal trading business working just at the weekend then I’m absolutely certain that it can work magic for you too. 

Think about it: Standing by your bosses desk with your resignation letter in hand knowing that wild horses couldn’t pull you away from your decision because you are earning more from your property business, working far less, than you are from your job… that would be something, wouldn’t it? 

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous money-back guarantee.

Here’s how to order: to book your seat on the next deal trading course just click the link below.

Yes, I Want To Book My Seat On The Next Deal Trading  Course

So what happens if you do nothing today?

You don’t have to worry about loosing money on a unique bundle of expert business and deal trading systems. But you do have to worry about never achieving the success that is just out of your reach… of never knowing just how much more you have to give… of never experiencing the financial abundance that comes from the same amount of time and effort, just using that time completely differently. 

You think you don’t have time to attend another course and implement another strategy. So are you content with your life as it is right now? Do you have all the time and money that you want? Because nothing will change until you do! Remember you risk absolutely nothing because you can test drive the first day of the Deal Trading course without risking a penny. If you feel it’s not for you then you can get all of your money back, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

What if it’s not as easy as you think? What if it takes more time than you thought to see results? You can lean on Arsh and Neil! You’ll even get their personal mobile numbers when you attend the course. When I first started I asked them tons of questions because I wanted to make sure that I was following the system to the letter. This became unnecessary once I’d done 2 deals as I knew the process and had gained the confidence that I needed. 

Remember, life is not a race. Just like the “hair and the tortoise” slow and steady wins this race. Why? Because you are competing with yourself. Only you know what your success looks like. 

If You’re Smart, Motivated And Determined You Can Do This! 

You’ve read the success stories!

You’ve read about my property journey and how making the simple change from owning property to trading it has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve been able to quit my job and more importantly, I see the future with an optimism that I haven’t had since I left university. 

So imagine for a moment what your life will look like when you too become a deal trader. How good will it feel to be able to make holiday decisions based on where you want to go rather than being limited by your budget? Imagine being able to choose if you want to work or not and the liberating feeling that will give you. Imagine having the time to support your kids with their passions… being there at their sports matches, concerts or plays. You can’t put a price on that! What you can put a price on is what it will take to have that freedom in your life. 

You have a choice to make right now. You can continue down the road that you are on and continue to have the same limitations on your choices. 

Or you can decide to have a more fulfilling life. 

It all starts when you learn the proven systems for deal trading, at no risk to you because of the 100% money-back guarantee. 

To book yourself on the next deal trading course just click the link below.

To your success

John Thompson

P.S. – If you’d like to learn the secrets to build a £5,000 per month deal trading business in the next 30 days starting with just £500… And you’d like to have it for £1,000 LESS than what everyone else had to pay… all completely risk free because of my 100% money-back guarantee… then click the link above to secure your place.

Yes, I Want To Book My Seat On The Next Deal Trading  Course