Sunday 13th September 2015

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If HMOs aren’t for you…There is a different strategy for extracting large cash flow from a single let property. This day will provide a detailed insight into mastering the LHA and how to make your cash flow rocket without needing to convert to a HMO. On this day, I will be explaining how I turned around my father’s small property portfolio and built it into an impressive portfolio, housing predominantly LHA tenants (99%). As well as my portfolio, I will be showing you how you can run a successful lettings agency, again with mainly LHA tenants. The course will show you how to build cash flow into your property portfolio to allow you to be far more bullish in your property acquisitions.

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  • Significantly increase the cash flow from your existing portfolio by at least 200%
  • No time consuming or expensive alterations to properties needed
  • This tried and tested model is proven to work in any economy (Recession Proof)
  • Works in any geographic area,  by following a simple step by step process
  • Proven model to find the perfect tenant to maximise profit and minimise hassle
  • No upfront investment needed, so all additional rental income is pure profit


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*when booking please include your contact number in the PayPal special comments section.

Course Price:

9am – 5pm
(Arrive for 8.30am)

We Buy Properties Fast
30 – 32 Chapel Ash,

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Or for a limited time only why not bring your business partner along for only £100 extra!

Course Price with Business Partner:

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