Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September 2016

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People often ask me about how I set up my HMO’s (Houses of Multi Occupancy) so my tenants pay all outgoings such as Council Tax, Water Rates, Electricity and Gas (where applicable). It may seem surprising to some that my only outgoing for a HMO property is merely the landlord’s supply, which pays for the communal lighting and fire alarms. With this in mind I am holding a course which will assist you in maximizing your income from your HMO properties. Not paying large utility bills will form part of the course alongside other essential hints and tips from a Landlord with a wealthy knowledge of HMO experience.

[title size=”3″]On this course you will[/title]

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  • Significantly increase the cash flow from your existing HMO’s
  • Visit 4 successful HMO’s which generate circa £150k in rental income
  • Understand how to create a HMO where the utility bills are passed onto tenants
  • Create £1500+ pure cash flow from a 4 Bed HMO – Previously a 2 bed mid terraced property
  • Get a real life experience of how a HMO landlord operates a successful and high cash flowing portfolio100percent
  • Discuss deals that have been done and how you can do them
  • View properties at various stages of conversion
  • Get an understanding of what it takes to do bigger deals
  • Gain confidence to do the same in your own area



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*when booking please include your contact number in the PayPal special comments section.

Course Price:

9am – 5pm
(Arrive for 8.30am)

We Buy Properties Fast
30 – 32 Chapel Ash,

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Or for a limited time only why not bring your business partner along for only FREE!

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