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I began property investing in 1991 letting rooms to students. At the time I was a College Lecturer lecturing in Law. My tenants were students who all came from the College where I worked. I discovered that by renting out individual rooms to my student tenants, this would generate between 3 and 5 times more rental income as opposed to letting the house out on a single let basis. Thus I began to specialise in acquiring and converting properties into HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) to maximise my investment returns.

In July 2003 I decided to leave my job as a College Lecturer and I began to buy investment properties full time. At this point I set myself a target to purchase a further 50 properties before the buy-to-let boom finished, which I felt would only last a further 12 months. In the end it took me 18 months to purchase those 50 properties and the property boom went on until 2008.

I now have 102 HMO’s, 30 single let properties and I also have 18 lease option properties. In all, I have a portfolio comprising more than 780 rooms.

I also own a Letting Agency which employs 5 full time staff who look after my property portfolio as well as other landlords properties. I also have a building, maintenance and refurbishment team to look after the overall maintenance of my properties.

My other passion, apart from property is teaching. I love to lecture. I regularly hold Property Training Courses and Property Management Training Workshops, focusing on investing in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). These courses are focused at investors who want to maximise their income from property investing.

I also find myself in demand as a Guest Speaker at Property Meetings up and down the country, speaking on average 3 times a month.

I also offer a 12 month HMO Mastery/Consultation Course, where I teach people ‘hands on’ how to acquire and run their first HMO’s.  I also offer a 40 Day Mentorship Programme (400 hours) which allows mentees on the job training within my company spread over a 6 month period. This is ideal for people who are ‘time rich’ but ‘cash poor’ and are looking for in depth knowledge on how I run my HMO business.

I have also written several books which I have now turned into training manuals explaining all there is to know about HMO’s.

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