Live Stream R2R – Sat 24th June & Sun 25th June 2017

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[title size=”3″]Introduction[/title]

Enjoy all the fantastic content of the course from the comfort of your own home!

Rent 2 rent is the fastest way to making massive passive income in property. This strategy had enabled me to increase my monthly cashflow from nothing to thousands of pounds. Within a space of 12 months I’ve taken on 45 units.

[title size=”3″]What is Rent 2 Rent[/title]

The basis of Rent 2 Rent allows you to take control of a property from a landlord and transform it into a corporate accommodation as a HMO. Each room is then let out individually. The difference between the rent that I charge each individual tenant minus the rent that I pay to the owner of the property IS MY GROSS PROFIT.

I make a MINIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) of 100% per annum per property. In fact the PROFIT IS INFINITY PROFIT because, after letting all the rooms out to renters (in the first two weeks of taking the property over from the owner) you have MORE THAN ALL OF YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT MONEY BACK IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

[title size=”3″]On this live stream you will learn[/title]

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  • Targets/Goals (we will calculate how many R2R properties you will need to hit this).
  • The different types of HMOs & tenants groups, and which to target and why.
  • Licensing/HMO Officer legislation
  • How to find your goldmine area and decide on the right size/number of rooms of house to go for.
  • Number crunching, we will go through the full number crunching from start to finish (marketing, legals, monthly rent to pay, refurbishments, furniture, etc. Then onto Cash Flow and how much profit you can make from each) you will see some real life houses that Neil has.
  • How to set yourself up for the right level you want to operate at (small portfolio  – self employed/ large portfolio – business + staffing and structure)
  • Legals and how not to fall into the traps that others have.
  • Systemisation of your R2R business
  • Test adverts (for landlords/houses), cost up, Break Even Points, Cash Flow, etc.
  • Test adverts (for tenants), Spareroom, Easyroom, Gumtree, Social Media! + Others.
  • Dealing with letting agents, and how to get deals from them.
  • Marketing: Neil will also be bringing his incredible marketing manager along to teach you about the power of social media and how she fills an entire house with tenants within 24 hours following Neil’s system that he taught CEOs and Marketing consultants around the World.
  • Sales technique: Direct to vendor goldmine and how to convert a high number into deals, Neil converts 80% of landlords currently using his ‘12 Step sales formula’ which made him famous in the sales community for the deeply ingrained psychology that has people simply saying YES to his offer. He will teach you this too!
  • Refurb: how, what, when & why. Staging the room, photos and how to make your advert stand out above your competition.
  • Equipment for the house, where to buy the furniture and keep costs down plus other fantastic money saving tips and tricks.
  •  Neil Ward really does walk the walk and having been a landlord for almost 10 years himself now with a large portfolio of his own to speak of, he really knows what he is doing and has the experience to guide you towards your goals too.


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[title size=”3″]Who is Neil Ward?[/title]

1507548_10152284573786576_7986270597351321236_nAt 23 Neil started a dating seminar business. The business was a HUGE success and held seminars in LA, New York, Bangkok & London as well as other UK Cities. It grew to employing 30+ staff trainers who helped people in the dating field and trained over 5,000 men within a 3 year period and was considered an authority figure on mens’ dating advice Globally. As well as running many other business ventures, Neil also authored 2 best selling books on the subject, one of which is still a best seller today. All of this he did in his last 2 years in the British Army whilst also managing the Queens Private Guard and meeting the Queen on several occasions and being awarded many honours.

At the age of 27, Neil went into marketing full time and became a top marketing consultant to many big marketers in the USA, including Daven Michaels, owner of the Worlds largest outsourcing company. Neil became his marketing manager, and trained his mastermind groups and high end marketing clients, finally leading his sales team to massive success.

At aged 28, Neil went into Sales and quickly became the top salesman in a company of 50 salespeople. He then won the annual sales competition and became renowned as the top salesman in the UK in renewable heating systems. Also winning a VIP trip by private jet to Monaco to watch the Grand Prix in a private box. That same year he replaced the outgoing sales trainer for the company and increased sales by 50% using his unique training style and sales techniques which he has now adapted to the Rent 2 Rent field.

At aged 29, Neil became a top sales trainer, and trained over 700 sales people around the UK within the short space of 6 months and became the go to man for sales training demanding a fee of £3-4k per day. During this time he had his own sales teams of hundreds of salespeople and was renowned as an expert salesman and trainer.

At the age of 30 Neil decided to attend a R2R course and found the strategy fascinating. He was most surprised by how ‘few’ people were teaching this properly and/or were actually making money from it. The deeper he dug into the trainers themselves, the more he found that most of them had less than 10 houses which shocked him. Having completed the course in April Neil had his first R2R deal signed up and completed by the 1st May 2014. From here Neil took the learning’s and applied them to the next project on the 1st June, not copying any of the mistakes from the first property. Things started to move quickly, and several landlords had come to Neil with their properties through his cutting edge marketing techniques that he is going to share on his course.

By working with a top property solicitor, Neil believes he has created a system which is ‘Bulletproof’ and has plugged many of the loopholes which remain in the R2R systems that others are teaching as well as the legal contracts which Neil calls ‘dangerous’.

Since May 2014, Neil has sourced, refurbished and has completed 6 R2R deals, giving him a total cash flow of around £3,500 pcm. In addition, he has increased this and has taken on 4 more properties, which will take him to a total of 10 houses by the end of September which will generate him a net cash flow of £5,500 pcm. Neil has also sourced, packaged and sold 7 more R2R deals to local investors in the Coventry area and admits that if he had not run out of investors, he would have sold triple the number of deals due to sourcing over a dozen properties per month and rising.

Neil is eager to share his top secrets with you and can also show you how to make £5,000+ pcm within a short time frame, with a bit of work and a lot of know how.

Neil has offered to share ALL of his secrets with you and will be holding nothing back. Neil believes that he will personally top over £8,000 of cashflow by the end of the year and he believes that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Next year he want’s to increase this number to £20,000 pcm of cashflow and he believe she can do this quite comfortably.

As Robert Kiyosaki says: “if you want to be rich, there are certain skills you must learn.”

Two of those skills are marketing and sales, and who better to learn from in the UK than Neil Ward.

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Course Price:
£995 for the weekend!


9am – 5pm
The Livestream link and all documents will be sent to you via Email prior to the event.

Book Now:

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