Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th June 2017

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It is said that Sales & Negotiations are the lifeblood of every business; this is why the top business experts in the corporate World fight so fiercely for the best Sales & Negotiations Executives for their companies; because without Sales, there is no business. This is even truer in the Property Field!

Whether you are in Rent 2 Rent, Lease Options, Deal Sourcing or even just sourcing deals for your own portfolio or you want a discount on your next family home, you NEED to understand Sales and Negotiations.

Sales & negotiations is not something that you just see as a distant someday in the future aspiration, or reserved for those young slick good looking executives, sales has now become a science, ANYBODY can learn it!

This is why I have enrolled Neil Ward to teach this exclusive Sales & Negotiations Masterclass. Neil is renown in the sales world for his cutting edge yet simple training style, he has been able to take complex psychological buying patterns within human nature and turn them into a ‘12 Step Sales System’ where you follow a set step by step guide to creating success in any sales situation.

Neil describes ALL sales processes like walking up a set of stairs, you start at step 1, then step 2, step 3 and so on… yet, if most people walked up a set of stairs the way they enter a sales interaction, they would be down at A&E within the hour! The majority of people jump from step 1 to 7, then back down to step 3, up to 5, 9 back down to 2 again… and this is why they never succeed, they are doing it in the wrong order!

This will be an experiential event meaning that it will be part lecture, part practice, because as Neil always says: “you can’t learn sales from reading a book anymore than you could learn to ride a bike through reading a book, it must be experienced!” And that is what this course will consist of including lectures and break out groups where you will be able to practice your skills and become one with the 12 steps.

Neil Ward really does walk the walk and has been there and done it, being a Sales & Negotiations Consultant, award winning Salesman, and even a Sales Trainer training other sales trainers!

[title size=”3″]Testimonial[/title]“Having been the Director of a direct sales company for many years and been a salesperson myself, I have seen thousands of salespeople and trainers come and go. I said it at the start and I’ll say it at the end, Neil has one of the most unique and rare talents for sales I have ever seen. Not only did he outsell anyone else I have ever known but he can also train others to do the same, that’s rare because I’ve never seen that before, you’re either a good salesperson or a good trainer, not both.”

– Lewis Borg, Director (Right 2 Improve Ltd)


Neil Ward really does walk the walk and has been there and done it, being a Marketing Consultant, award winning Salesman, and even a Sales Trainer training other sales trainers!

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  • Discover Sales Psychology on an advanced level putting you above other property experts in your area
  • You will personally experience Neil Ward’s exact ’12 Steps Sales System’ which breaks down the negotiating process into 12 distinct steps that you can follow to achieve much higher conversion rates (people saying YES YES YES basically!)
  • Understand how to go from 1 in 5 tenants accept your room offering to 1 in 3 through applying the 12 steps to your property viewing too
  • You will personally experience THREE live sales interactions through role play throughout the day, improving on your pitch each time
  • In the following weeks of the training, you will experience a new paradigm of negotiating success with your new found secret knowledge
  • Learn how to influence people in a positive way
  • Understand the 3 human brains and how they affect people’s decisions
  • Learn the key phrases that ALL people say in a negotiation that will tell you what they are REALLY thinking!
  • Learn the one key phrase that will increase your success by over 80%!
  • How to overcome objections and understand why the objections are coming up in the first place
  • Learn how to walk away with full clarity on the next step in the negotiations
  • You WILL walk away with all the knowledge you need to become a master negotiator


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Course Price:
£995 for the WHOLE WEEKEND!


9am – 5pm
(Arrive for 8.30am)



Jurys Inn, Birmingham

245 Broad Street


B1 2HQ

Book Now:

*when booking please include your contact number in the PayPal special comments section

Book for the whole weekend £995!

Sat 24th June 2017 & Sun  25th June 2017

Book Now:

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