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Amazing Property Secret Discovered By A Humiliated 45 Year Old Trainee Accountant Gives You A £78,000 A Year Income Working Just 2 Or 3 Hours A Day!

If you want to confidently quit your job in 18 months time because you are earning £6,500 net cash flow every month, regular as clockwork. You’ve got the time you’ve always wanted because you’ve filled your 10 rent-to-rent properties and the tenants look after themselves. There are no unexpected bills because if the boiler breaks… it’s the landlord’s responsibility. If something breaks in the house then the tenant pays to fix it. All you need to worry about is finding a starving crowd of tenants… and to do that all you’ve got to do is follow this simple system.

Dear Friend

18 months ago I was completely ashamed of my life and my position in the world!

Now, thanks to the magical powers of rent-to-rent property investing, my life has changed beyond my wildest dreams.

Not only do I have more money in my pocket but I feel successful. Best of all I’ve become an inspiration to my teenage kids who now see the world in a completely new way. They aren’t afraid to fail anymore because they’ve seen first hand how you can turn your life around with just some enthusiasm and determination.

They have also seen that when you start something that you enjoy, it’s a lot easier to take consistent action.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I’d like you to have the same joy filled life that I do… without the 20 years of shame that preceded it… and without the pain that caused me to take action, 18 months ago.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For you to understand why I wake up every day, happy, grateful and excited, you need to understand what my life used to look like. To do that I need to take you back to that fateful day 18 months ago.

It was a rare sunny day in June. In fact it was my 45 birthday and because of the good weather we had a BBQ.

As you would expect we had some friends and family around to celebrate.

My younger brother (who had always been more financially successful than me) was there with his family and late in the afternoon, after we’d cut the cake he asked me…

“When are you going to get qualified or get a proper job and finally earn some decent money?”

I Was So Angry And Ashamed I Wanted The World To Just Swallow Me Whole!

He didn’t need to tell me that I should have done more with my life… this was something I already knew. But I couldn’t cope with my brother insulting me in my own house on my birthday!

I swallowed my pride and made some pathetic excuse before my wife saved me.

What made the situation more painful was that my brother was right. What was a 45 year old man still doing working as a trainee accountant?

Why didn’t I finish my exams? For 3 very simple reasons

  1. I found accountancy boring

  2. The exams were really hard

  3. I expected the big salary jumps would come quicker

All of these excuses made it virtually impossible for me to find the discipline to study for my exams.

It was no great surprise when I failed the first time. I simply hadn’t done enough work. Why? Because the desperate hope of a promotion and a pay rise was not strong enough to make me study in the evenings and at the weekends.

The Biggest Excuse Of Them All!

Qualified by experience…

In property this actually means something and gives you confidence and the amount of money you’ve always wanted.

But in the corporate world it is nothing but hot air.

When you’re qualified by experience you get to work longer hours for less money than the exam qualified accountants. You also get to train the newbies on their way up and then watch them get promoted ahead of you.

My Life Changed Forever On 19 June 2014!

That was when I first heard about Rent-To-Rent and I was completely hooked.

So what made property different? I succeeded in property for 3 reasons:

  1. Fast results. Lots of money quickly.

  2. Something I enjoyed doing (working with people)

  3. No special skills required

This is what my portfolio looks like now!

10 rent-to-rent properties that give me a regular monthly income after all costs of £6,500. That’s £78,000 a year!

The properties are typically 4 bed detached houses that I can rent out to 5 people.

I’m able to stay below the HMO regulation threshold because the properties are only 2 stories.

So how did I get here… and how long did it take?

3 Steps To A £6,500 Per Month Rent-To-Rent Business

Stage 1 – £0 to £650 monthly net cash flow. It took me 3 months to find my first deal and then I wanted to make sure that the model worked so I did nothing for the next 3 months. To my great surprise once the property is full not a lot happens. If you put the right tenants in the property then they just get on with their lives and each other and there’s nothing you need to do.

Stage 2 – £650 to £3,250 monthly net cash flow. It took me 6 months to manage another 4 properties because I was still working full time, so was just doing this at the weekend. Once I got number 5… I decided to quit my job.

Stage 3 – £3,250 to £6,500 monthly net cash flow. Once I became a “full time” property investor I was able to grow my portfolio a lot faster. It took me just 3 months to take on another 5 properties.

What Difference Has This Made To My Life?

Most importantly I now feel like a man. I’m proud of what I do and can happily tell people that I’m a full time property investor.

I’m now making more money than I ever dreamed of… which gives me choices over holidays and cars and gifts for my wife that I never thought I’d have.

I never work more than 2 or 3 hours a day which gives me the time freedom to be there for my kids. I’m able to watch their netball and tennis matches. I’m able to watch their concerts and I’ve got the time to give them help whenever they ask.

The Ripple Effect Of Winning

When I started my property journey my goal was simple. To make more money than my brother.

But success in property has given myself and my family much more than that. As I’ve already mentioned it’s given us time that we never had before.

Best of all I’ve become an inspiration to my kids. No they haven’t dropped out of school and they are still planning to go to university. Now they have an optimism in the way that they view the world that I never thought I could give them.

They aren’t afraid to fail because they’ve seen first hand how you can turn your life around with some enthusiasm and determination. They have also seen that when you start something that you enjoy, it’s a lot easier to take consistent action.

How To Build Your £78,000 A Year Business Working Just 2 Or 3 Hours A Day!

There are only 4 things that you need to achieve extraordinary success with rent-to-rent.

#1. The ability to follow a proven system!

#2. The tiny amount of discipline before you start to see results!

#3. Excitement when you win! If you don’t feel this then do something else.

If your heart races with the thrill of taking on a new property then this is all you need to achieve extraordinary results. Why? Because success brings success.

Once you know what you’re doing, it’s a lot easier to just do the same thing over and over again. Remember I was an accountant so that isn’t something I find difficult. If you’re more creative than I am then you may struggle a little J.

#4. A big reason why! I’d often heard that being comfortable is the biggest barrier to huge success and I didn’t believe it. And I was comfortable. We got by. There were no luxuries, but we always had food on the table so it was easy to just keep doing what we were doing.

It was only when I felt totally ashamed with my place in the world that I decided to make a change. Please do not wait until you have to suffer like I did. There’s nothing wrong with being content with where you are and wanting a little extra for yourself and your family. Believe me it’s made things a LOT MORE COMFORTABLE!

You might not want the extra money for yourself. And if you want to be able to help your kids through university, to buy a house or even to pay for a wedding then this is the fastest and easiest way to do so.

#1. Find A Proven Rent-To-Rent System!

If you’d have been with me on 19 June 2014, you’d have seen me staring with wide eyed amazement as Arsh Ellahi talked about rent-to-rent investing.

To this day the only house I’ve bought in the one that I’m living in so to say that I was a novice is a complete understatement.

The reason why I went to that property networking event was because I wanted to learn how to get into buy to let. So, when I discovered (completely by accident) that you could invest in property without having to buy a house… I was completely hooked.

I did Arsh’s 2 day rent-to-rent course a couple of weeks later and got everything I needed to succeed. A complete understanding of exactly what I needed to do. All of the contracts and paperwork as well as proven templates to find landlords and tenants. Most importantly, for a novice like myself, was the follow up support that I received from Arsh and his business partner Neil Ward. They held my hand through the process of getting my first property.

To be fair to their system and the information that they gave me, it was all there. It was my fear of the unknown that forced me to double check my every move with them first.

Arsh and Neil never made me feel bad or stupid for asking all those questions and they always got back to me really quickly.

Will This Rent-To-Rent System Work For You?

Absolutely! If…

  1. You want to change your life for the better.

  2. You’re prepared to follow the system to the letter. This came easily to me because I used to be an account.

  3. You’re prepared to take consistent action.

Here’s What You Will Learn On Arsh’s Rent-To-Rent Course

  1. How to find landlords / properties to manage.

  2. The simple system to set up your first rent-to-rent property… with cost guidelines for the refurb and furniture.

  3. How to elegantly persuade landlords to do business with you, over anyone else or doing nothing.

  4. How to find an endless supply of tenants so you never have to worry about voids.

  5. Property Math! You’ll know exactly how much money you will make from each property you manage… using the simple spreadsheet you’ll calculate this easily… even if you failed O-Level Math’s.

  6. Contracts & Paperwork & The Legal Side

    1. All explained in great detail so that you leave as a property expert to both landlords and tenants.

    2. You’ll receive all of the contracts and paperwork that you need to start your rent-to-rent business the next day… saving you thousands in legal costs… not to mention the time and hassle

  7. Full recording of the entire course that you can refer back to whenever you need to double check something.

  8. All of the course presentation slides so that you can refer back to them at any time.

Here’s Why This Is Important For Your Life Right Now…?

  1. Replace your job salary in just 12 months when you use our easy-to-master rent-to-rent system. You’ll find houses to manage at the touch of a button as well as a crowd of tenants within minutes of your ad going live. This will replace your salary on just a couple of hours work a day.

  2. Build your rent-to-rent portfolio at the speed of your desires with the underground secrets to find landlords that desperately need your help… and how to turn this lead-source-tap on whenever you need it so that you can grow your portfolio around your other commitments.

  3. How to quickly jump from zero to one and then 1 to 5 properties in a year just working at the weekend. 5 properties is all you need to replace your salary and then you can choose if you still want your day job.

  4. Get leads tomorrow using our proven letter templates that you can send out with your logo to landlords that you find on RightMove, SpareRoom and Gumtree… don’t know how to find their name and address from these sites…? all of this is revealed on the course.

  5. Make landlords an offer they can’t refuse! How to get them to say Yes to your proposal… every time… because it’s a great deal for them and a profitable for you.

  6. Get your hands on our proven checklist to refurb, furnish and fill every property with the right tenants (those that pay on time, look after the property and never complain) faster than you thought possible. When you know What to do… How to do it… And the Right order… then a complex process becomes simple and quick to do.

  7. How to make your rooms stand out online so tenants call you first… and will pay extra to have your room over any other.

  8. Accurately predict how much money you will make from each property after ALL costs. Our spreadsheet makes this a quick and simple process… even if you failed O-Level maths.

  9. Speak to landlords and tenants as a property expert by gaining a complete understanding of the right contract for each situation… as well as your legal obligations… and the promises that you make over and above.

  10. Have your rooms filled by your current tenants. You don’t even need to reward them for doing this when you specifically target 1 of the 6 tenant types… discover which one and how to do this on the course.

  11. Save yourself thousands in legal costs as well as time and frustration by receiving all of the contracts, agreements and paperwork that you need to start your rent-to-rent journey the very next day!

  12. Why you never need to worry about VAT, no matter how big you build your rent-to-rent empire… and other tax secrets that mean you keep more of your hard earned.

How can a simple rent-to-rent system do all this for you? Easy… because you are giving landlords everything they could ever hope for. A guaranteed passive income from their investment… someone to take care of all of the hassles for them… and more money than they are currently making. Seriously, who would turn that down?

You are also providing a better service for tenants so that they want to rent your rooms over any other. You know that first impressions count and small details go a long way. So dressing the room so that it feels welcoming will instantly put you in the top 5% of property investors. You’ll discover how to do this on a shoe string budget.

By now you may be wondering what the course costs…

You Can Have It For Half Of What Everyone Else Had To Pay!

Twice a year Arsh and Neil slash the price of their course to just £997 +VAT to make it easier for hard working people like myself to learn this life changing system.

At this point I’d just like to mention that I paid full price for the course and thought it was worth every penny. In fact given what I learned on the day, the follow up support, the contracts and the proven marketing material it was worth much more than the £1,997 +VAT that I paid for the course.

The landlord and tenant contracts alone are worth more than that! Plus there’s the time that you save by getting everything you need on the day.

Do you have any marketing experience? Would you know how to write a casual looking and highly persuasive letter to a landlord? I certainly didn’t and wouldn’t have known where to start. The best thing was that all I needed to do was change the name at the bottom of the letter and it was good to go. What a great time saver!

In the beginning, I was doing this just at the weekend so anything that could save me time was greatly appreciated. This made it easier to take consistent action.

You’ve Got To Be Quick

As you can imagine, this course sells out easily at the full price. So when the price is cut and tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis… there are often a lot of disappointed people. 

There are 2 reasons why you absolutely must book your seat on the course right now.

  1. Time sensitive launch offer to get it at half price ends in just a few days. After that the same information will cost you a £1,000 more. Try explaining that you husband or wife!

  2. The room only holds 35 people and places are sold on a first come first served basis. Why only 35 in the room? Because we want to keep this an intimate learning experience where each person is able to have all their specific questions answered. Our promise to you is that after 2 days you’ll be able to confidently start your rent-to-rent business. Unfortunately, we just can’t do that with larger groups.

To book your seat on the rent-to-rent course on the 15 & 16 October just click the link below.

Yes, I Want To Book My Seat On The Rent to Rent Course

100% Money-Back Guarantee – You Risk Nothing!

If you buy the course today you risk nothing because you are covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Attend the course and if at the end of the first day you are not completely confident that you can set up a rent-to-rent property and start making money then please come and see me and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings. No problem at all.

How can I afford to be so generous?

Easy – so far, every single person that I know of that has experienced the thrill of making money from property without owning a house has gone on to completely changed their life. If a complete newbie like me can use this to create a £78,000 regular property income in just 18 months working only 2 or 3 hours a day then I’m absolutely certain that it can work magic for you too.

Think about it: Standing by your bosses desk with your resignation letter in hand knowing that wild horses couldn’t pull you away from your decision because you are earning more from your property business, working far less, than you are from your job… that would be something, wouldn’t it?

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous money-back guarantee.

You can book your seat on the next rent-to-rent course just click the link below.

Yes, I Want To Book My Seat On The Rent to Rent Course

How Good Will It Feel When You Can Choose When You Work And For How Long…

When you use this easy-to-master system you can decide if you want to stretch yourself and increase your income dramatically or if you are happy to “work” just a couple of hours a day for the same income as your job.

When you start your own rent-to-rent business you no longer have to dance to someone else’s tune. You no longer have to get stressed about unrealistic deadlines. You no longer have to sit in commuter traffic. It really is like having your cake and eating it because you’ve got more money than you ever thought you’d have, working a lot less.

The biggest problem that you’ll have, is deciding what you’re going to do with all your free time! Will you spend it travelling to your bucket list countries… or will you spend more time with your family?

When You Risk Nothing You Actually Risk Everything!

If you don’t challenge yourself then your life won’t change. How will it feel to look back in 10 years time and your income hasn’t changed, your frustrations at work haven’t changed, and you have given up on your dreams of owning a sports car and travelling the world. Will you be happy that you played it safe? Or will you regret not taking a chance to learn something new and make some real money for a change.

Please don’t wait until you are at breaking point before you decided to change your life, like I did. Life doesn’t have to be that hard for yourself… or for your family.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to give this is try? To learn these secrets at no risk to you all you need to do is click the link below:

To your success

Colin Murphy

Yes, I Want To Book My Seat On The Rent to Rent Course