Rent 2 Rent Workshop – Sat 20th & Sun 21st October 2018


Learn how to build cashflow without the hassle and expense of buying property!

Rent 2 rent is the fastest way to making massive passive income in property. This strategy had enabled me to increase my monthly cashflow from nothing to thousands of pounds. Within a space of 12 months I’ve taken on 45 units.

What is Rent 2 Rent?

The basis of Rent 2 Rent allows you to take control of a property from a landlord and transform it into a corporate accommodation as an HMO. Each room is then let out individually. The difference between the rent that I charge each individual tenant minus the rent that I pay to the owner of the property IS MY GROSS PROFIT.

I make a MINIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) of 100% per annum per property. In fact the PROFIT IS INFINITY PROFIT because, after letting all the rooms out to renters (in the first two weeks of taking the property over from the owner) you have MORE THAN ALL OF YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT MONEY BACK IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

The basics of how it works

The process of rent to rent seems quite simple, but if you’ve already tried to make a start then it may have felt like an uphill struggle because of the objections and challenges that you come across, just like I did.  This is where I come in, to share the potential mistakes, offer solutions to the problems and equip you with the skills to overcome the barriers that inevitably crop up.

Why choose the rent 2 rent strategy?

It’s no secret that this strategy has helped countless people embark on an investment career in property.  The key is the reduced amount of capital to get involved.  Many people use this strategy to then build their savings pots to then start buying and licensing their own HMOs for example.

Is there much work involved? 
Absolutely!  However, can you imagine how it will feel to work just as hard as you normally do in any career and be rewarded with £3,000 per month, £5,000 per month…even £10,000 upwards?  Starting out flexibly, around your current commitments and working towards your own personal goals?

On this workshop you will learn:

  • Targets/Goals (we will calculate how many R2R properties you will need to hit this).
  • The different types of HMOs & tenants groups, and which to target and why.
  • Licensing/HMO Officer legislation
  • How to find your goldmine area and decide on the right size/number of rooms of house to go for.
  • Number crunching, we will go through the full number crunching from start to finish (marketing, legals, monthly rent to pay, refurbishments, furniture, etc. Then onto Cash Flow and how much profit you can make from each) you will see some real life houses that Arsh has.
  • How to set yourself up for the right level you want to operate at (small portfolio  – self employed/ large portfolio – business + staffing and structure)
  • Legals and how not to fall into the traps that others have.
  • Systemisation of your R2R business
  • Test adverts (for landlords/houses), cost up, Break Even Points, Cash Flow, etc.
  • Test adverts (for tenants), Spareroom, Easyroom, Gumtree, Social Media + Others.
  • Dealing with letting agents, and how to get deals from them.
  • Marketing: How to ensure that your rooms fill up and start cash flowing as quickly as possible
  • Refurb: how, what, when & why. Staging the room, photos and how to make your advert stand out above your competition.
  • Equipment for the house, where to buy the furniture and keep costs down plus other fantastic money saving tips and tricks.

Ways to get involved

  • In person!  Come and join us at Jurys Inn, Broad Street, Birmingham for a weekend of training, the chance to meet Arsh and great a networking opportunity.  There is always a wealth of experience in the room.
  •  Via Live Stream from the comfort of your own home!

    You will have all documents emailed to you so that you have everything you need to refer to on the day.


Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 2018.

What will I get?

  • Recording of the day so that you can revisit the content as often as you like
  • The option to watch from the comfort of your own home via Live Streaming
  • All documentation, including the example contracts you need.
  • 2 full days of face to face time with Arsh to ask him any of your burning questions about property and Rent 2 Rent!

Course Price: £997


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