USB – The Key Docs To Your Success


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[title size=”3″]The Key Docs to Your Success[/title]

All the documents you require to become a successful / Hassle free landlord! Use your valuable time being more productive and implement the essential templates found on the USB, which are not available anywhere else.

This document collection has been created by Arsh Ellahi who has over 500 tenants and can boast a 100% rent collection record. This could not have been achieved without the systems and documents Arsh and his team have put in place. With over 20 years of experience, Arsh has combined the following.

[title size=”3″]Documents Included on the USB[/title]

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  • A watertight and legally binding tenancy agreement
  • Gas Safety Documents
  • Guarantor Documents
  • Housing Benefit Accountability Spreadsheets
  • Templates of Housing Benefit letters
  • Templates of Sales Schedules
  • Templates of Rent Statements
  • Notifications to Increase Rent
  • Section 48 Notices
  • Vacation Letters
  • Top Up Letters and so much more….



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