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This manual will provide you with all the information you require to become a successful / Hassle free landlord! Use your valuable time being more productive and keeping within the law and up to date legislation.

This highly-praised manual provides the reader with everything that needs to be known about buying, preparing and letting a suitable investment property. In short, this book is a comprehensive, but clear and concise guide for the world-be, go-it-alone landlord who wishes to avoid agency fees by creating and managing his own tenancy.

Created by Arsh Ellahi who has over 500 tenants and can boast a 100% rent collection record. This could not have been achieved without the systems and documents Arsh and his team have put in place. 


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  • Your legal obligations as a landlord throughout the tenancy
  • Best practice tips and advice for ensuring the tenancy runs smoothly
  • Links to other useful resources you might need along the way
  • And so much more..


Chapters covered in the guide include: Get the right insurance, Prepare your property, Market your property, Carry out tenant checks, Carry out an inventory, Protect the deposit, Managing your property, Vacating the property.

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